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Bricks Bulldogs Guarantee

Bricks American Bulldogs have a two year guarantee against crippling Canine Hip Dysplasia and any/all genetic defects as long as the dog has not been bred.  All genetic testing and x-rays to be completed or an evaluation performed before the ages of 28 months.  If the dog is found to have CCH Dysplasia, the dog will be replaced or a credit given on another pup upon written verification from OFA or Penn HIP and the x-rays MUST be sent to Bricks American Bulldogs along with the tattooed identification Number of the dog and the x-rays... (they must match).  X-rays are to be sent ASAP to our vet to confirm the diagnosis.  The dog must come back higher that the median score, with Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), for a replacement of or a credit on the dog.  The owner then has three options....Putting the animal down, keeping the dog and spaying or neutering or returning the animal and the registration papers on the dog for the first available pup, of the same sex and quality in order to receive a replacement puppy or applying the credit on another dog.  All shipping on returns will be at the current owners expense and proof of euthanasia, and spay or neuter is required for a replacement or credit.  This guarantee does not apply to any dog or puppy sold for 500.00 or less unless  otherwise specified in writing at the time of purchase.  It does not apply to dogs or puppies with limited registration and/or those sold with spay or neuter agreements.  The guarantee only applies to dogs/puppies bred by Bricks American Bulldogs and only to the original purchaser of the dog/puppy.  We also guarantee that the dog will be of stable temperament at the time of delivery.  Guarantee is void if bred before the age of 18 months, mistreated, abused, lack of socialization or any type of neglect is evident in the dog.  The purchaser shall return the dog in exchange for another dog of equal value or credit.   This guarantee is a puppy only guarantee this means no cash refunds.

Deposits & Shipping

A non-refundable $200.00 deposit is required to hold a puppy from a breeding of your choice; or a $400.00 deposit is required if the pup is already born, the pup is to be PAID IN FULL, as well as the shipping crate, by the age of 6 weeks (Unless other arrangements have been approved by Bricks Bulldogs).  If some unforeseen occurrence such as "not enough pups in a litter, not a pup of the sex you wanted  or perhaps the female did not take"....Your deposit will be applied to the next available litter.  
All shipping is to be paid by the purchaser.  If the buyer wishes,  the crate can be purchased thru us;  the cost will vary depending on the size of the crate needed.             

**Pups held for no more than 5 days awaiting the initial deposit.   If the buyer would like we will finance the dog with a $200.00 deposit and 10% interest of the purchase price.  The dog must be paid in full before shipping.  

We take the dog to the Pittsburgh, PA airport.   If we hold the dog for you longer that 10 days after the purchase, or 10 days after the age of 8 weeks there will be a 3.00 a day kennel charge for boarding the dog until shipping, (only if reason is by the purchaser).

If for any reason you have a deposit on a pup and we contact you for further payment and you do not respond within 10 days all rights to pup and deposit are forfeited up by the purchaser.  Unless an agreement is made in writing by Bricks American Bulldogs. 

The purchaser also agrees that if they can no longer keep the dog,  it will be returned to Bricks American Bulldogs,  not an animal shelter or dog pound.  Purchaser will receive no compensation from us, as we will be incurring vet bills for the rescued animal.  

We encourage you to keep in touch with us and we would appreciate the progress reports and pictures of the dog.   If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us.   We will always be here for you and your pup.

Thanks Bob and Pat Brickner 



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